Maybe, Real

by TK The Architect

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Written, Produced, and Mixed by Zach TK Zanghi 

Vocals/Guitar/Production - Zach TK Zanghi 
Bass - John Boha 
Cymbals - Alex Kaufman 
Vocals - Kim Berg & Joe Villafane

Recorded at Apartment 6 in Island Park, NY and Refuge Recording in Brooklyn, NY 
Mixed at Refuge Recording 

Art Direction by Kimberly Young Sun


Maybe a maybe's just a baby idea
Maybe the future ain't supposed to be clear
I mean, weren't we all maybes before we appeared as babies
That uncertainty's what makes it cool that we're even here
Maybe these thoughts ain't my own, but another's that I borrowed
Maybe this is yesterday maybe this is tomorrow
Some find solace in trees, some in a bottle
That same solace kept me from saying goodbye to Jichan,
That shit's hard to swallow
Still you'll catch me up there at night
Maybe my mind sees better through the fog
Through verses my growth gets chronologged
My will to live is my only god
Channel Vonnegut
Maybe being human's just a human being
But who are you when all's said and done
Maybe we're just the things we were before we died
Maybe we're sediment
Falling to the bottom as we settle
They say that's where the devil lives
So I'm climbing to a higher level

Maybe once, maybe twice
Maybe god, maybe life
Maybe dark, maybe light maybe
Maybe song, maybe flight
Maybe day, maybe night
Maybe wrong, maybe right
Maybe joy, maybe plight
Maybe money, maybe might
Maybe power maybe
Maybe real, maybe life
Maybe real, maybe life,
Maybe, real

Reexamining the lines I drew between me and them
Enemies and friends, beginnings and ends
Starting to think the lines don’t really blur as much as they blend
Like tie-dye. Oh my what a life that we live
I’ve been counting all of my blessings lately
Caring less ‘bout those that hate me
Give my all into everything, that’s just how my father raised me
Conversations with Madi next to water
Take a break to meditate
Gotta keep the mind calm, that’s important
I’ve been asked if my mind’s right
I respond like, can you spotlight exactly what’s correct on this matter?
I’m more Pollock than Picasso, my thoughts come in splatters
Plus I cook a mean meal. Ask the homies that’s for real
Re-introduction to a former self
Or a formal introduction to a greater sense of personal wealth
What’s a feeling if it can’t be felt or shared with others?
Move along and readjust with my brothers

Relive, realize,
Real god, real life
Real dark, real light, real
Real song, real flight
Reascend, real heights
Real wrong, real right
Real joy, Real plight
Real money, real might
Real power, real
What’s real? What’s life?
Maybe real, maybe life
maybe, real


released July 27, 2018


all rights reserved



TK The Architect

Musician / Producer / MC from Long Island, New York


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